Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 11 months ago...

Feb 18th 2009

Me :- Shaka, when is your son coming out? I've got like two more days before heading back to uni. Can you like please ask him to come out fasta?

Shaka :- My son cannot come out according to your convenience k... He'll come out when he wants.

Me :- Then you betta stop eating. He's getting real comfy inside that he doesnt wanna come out here. Tell him his godmum's waitinggggg to see him real bad!!!

Feb 19th 2009

Me :- Im gonna mix tea for appa and amma. You want not?

Shaka :- Aiyo your tea ah... I dont wanna fall sick...

But somehow she ended up drinking the tea i mixed for the first time :P...

Feb 20th 2009
(Around 10am)

Shaka :- Chitti, i think my water just broke.

And then, instead of the chaos i expected, it was a very smooth thingy. And within the next 30 minutes, she was all set in the car and off to the hospital, with everyone following expect one soul. Guess who??? None otha than MUA of course, left at home to guard the house and answer the calls, in case anyone calls... *sigh*

(Around 3pm)

Mummy :- Sham, baby born already!!! We all saw him di.

Me :- Then me?????????

Mummy:- You wait at home. I'll come and pick you up in a while.

(Around 6pm) - in the hospital

Standing in front my cutie, looking through the mirror, seeing that lil one sound asleep was indeed a sight to behold. This was the bundle of joy that we had all been waiting for, the countless hours spend, discussing his name, n what to teach him, who's pet was he gonna be etc etc etc... And now, he was rite there, in front of me. One of the happiest moments in life, it was... Not to mention a really sweet one too... After like about 20 minutes standing in front the mirror, admiring my godson, curled up under the blankie, sound asleep, it was time to visit the mummy...

Me :- He's suchhh a cutie... And see, he loves me lotsss.. he wanted to make sure i get to see him just before i go back tomorrow..

Shaka :- Nothing like that all. It was all because of your tea. He was enjoying all the good food i kept giving him until i drank your tea. He couldnt take it anymore and decided to come out and see who made the tea.

Me :- Yeah rite. He wanted to drink more of it, thats y he decided to come out ok...

And the squibbling continued....

But the most important thing was, lil Siddarth was finally here. Today, in just another one month, he would be celebrating his first birthday. And the moment where i saw him for the first time is still so fresh, mua's lil cutie, 11 months ago, all so tiny and fragile.
Sid, the love of my life that i can never ever stop mollycoddling over...

*mua's lil sweetie*

Thursday, June 03, 2010

* Cooking Saga *

Who ever thought cooking could be this fun?


It's like going on an adventure, the only difference is the adventure's in ya kitchen, right at home..

So no muddy outdoors or irritating bugs, but the pleasure derived, is totally the same, yeah ECSTATIC!!!

2 weeks of cooking lunch, with the occasional baking of cakes and trying out breakfast during weekdays, and now, i loveee cooking..

ok that was kinda far fetched.. i wouldn’t say I loveee the cleaning and washing up and especially cutting onions and having fingers that smell like onions after that, but still, it was fun n I likey likey it.. yeah like, not love :P

From sardine and egg sambals taught by mum to a lil more temararious ventures like sukhe aloo and kadai chicken (which i've never heard in life until the day i stumbled on it online), what can I say, it was pretty exciting after all…

The best part of this whole adventure was having Arrwin come back from school, and asking me," Mika, what's new today?". Somehow, that kinda led to me trying to cook up new, unheard stuff.. lol not to mention, that way, he cant compare my cooking to mum’s.. *pets myself*

However, the expression that follows that question ain’t that pleasing after all. Its like sitting for an exam and then waiting for its results.

Arrwin's expression :-

"Wow, Mika!!! Really very nice".. now that's an A...

"Ah not bad, nice also" is equivalent to a B...

and the much dreaded," Aiyo,what is this?? Nevermind i'll go with Mikepa to the shop" is a big big F...


Oh and the "Mika, its really nice. Do it again" or "Give amma the recipe" is an A++++...


As for Arun and Saranyah, me putting milo in a cup and adding water is considered a fantastic dish already... But why doubt good luck when it's coming rite atcha rite? lol...

so yeah, gotta thank them too for bearing with me and forever giving that “that’s the tastiest dish I’ve ever tasted” expression.. my two loyal cousins aka my experiment hamsters....hehehehehe....

Well gotta admit, i miss my cooking adventure now. Despite the horror of having to touch raw chicken meat for the first time in life, the whole waking up at 11am and googling for recipes and then starting to cut all those vegetables while watching youtube at 12pm before finally starting to cook and finish it all by 2pm was really enjoyable... *reminisces*

Anyway, gotta say I'm looking forward to go back home and cook at least 3-4 new vegetarian dishes for the entire household this Sunday... *grins*

Let’s see how that turns out now :P

*yum yummy yum*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

-- MIRACLES??? Yeah Rite!!! --

It's stupid, absurd and sheer foolishness to hope on a miracle..
So why did she hope on it?

Coz she's a brainless git?

Yeah, guess so.

 Wow, you're accepting criticism? This is interesting!

Shut up. I aint in the mood for a gemini talk. So,go away...

OK OK, chill.. *goes off and sits in corner* 

You would have thought that she would have at least heard of the phrase, "once bitten, twice shy". But no, mademoiselle here just can't help repeating her mistakes again n again, despite knowing its consequences and see what it has led to now.

*passes the tissue*

Well, its not like she didnt know it was coming but damm, guess she just didnt think that it would be this soon or the realization would have such an effect... 

Oh yeah, it happens. Humans! You people can never stop dreaming and expecting for miracles when you pretty well know the closest miracle you guys are ever gonna experience are the ones you see on screen.
Thought i told ya to shut up rite?

Sorry couldn't help it.. :P Go on...

Guess nobody really understands her. Poor gal...

Well, you seem like you understand her, rite?

Guess, NOT!!! Else, i would have told her long ago, miracles just dont exist.  NEVER EVER WILL EXIST for her... Poor kid's brawling and sobbing her eyes heart out. But guess, all i can say is, SHE DESERVES IT...

Can i just say " I TOLD HER SO"... *grins*

You, my evil twin, are one the most insensitive soul i've ever come across.

Well, beats being a sensitive wreck like ya babez... At least you don't see me sitting in corner of the room, crying over someone who most probably doesnt give a damm bout u... *giggles*

Thank you.. Guess i had that one coming...

Chill it. Just tell her to stop dreaming and embroiling in dreams, and that reality's always the safest place to be. 

Will do so. Aitez, time for my coffee, chocolate and tissue.


*if only*

Saturday, March 13, 2010


 Oh, YOU'RE BACK!!!!

Hmmm... Keep that sarcasm away from me. Aint in the mood for that...

Hahahaha... so says the epitome of sarcasm... So what's brought you back dearie?


Gosh, don't u ever stop complaining bout life? Look around you. Life's meant to be cherished not frowned and complained bout. 

Easy for you to say. All you do everyday is just sit and taunt me. Try stepping in my shoes sometime, lady...

Oh cut the drama.. Now tell me, what's wrong?

So you think i only come to you when some thing's not rite?

DUH!!! Isn't that obvious? So who is it this time?

Gosh babez, chill it.. What's with this never ending assumptions? I don't remember mentioning someone's involved here...
Hahahaha... 22 years of being your other half  is long enough for me to know when there's something amiss. So spill the beans. What's wrong?

Nah, nothing much. Have you ever had this nagging feeling where you know you want something so badly but yet, you're aware you're not good enough for that thing/person? Nevertheless, there's this part in you that keeps wishing some miracle might just happen and that thing/person will be yours?

Loooooool... first let's get it straight. Who do u want? Yes, its WHO and not WHAT.. coz i'm pretty sure you're referring to a person.

That was a general question. Answer if you want, else skip it...

OK OK... Well, no i havent. Me being the rational head of the Gemini twins always, always steer away from dilemmas like this...
Haha..Lucky you...

So, who did what to the princess?

Hmm, well what can i say? It's been a day of non stop introspection. Guess it all began when SOMEONE told me i'm an insecured, weak, loser who lacks confidence while another told me that im too immatured and emotional.

looooooooooooooooooool... And you're upset bout that?

Well, yeah kinda. But to know that that's what people i like and really care for think of me, it just sucks. Don't ya think so?

Wait. Why do u wanna worry bout what people think of you? 

Coz i just cant help it...

Hmm.. So do you agree with them?

Honestly, i think they're right.

Damm you, gal. When are you gonna stop losing sleep over peripheral issues like this? All that matters is for u to trust and most importanly love yourself. Other than that, care a damm bout what the world thinks of ya.

Easier said than done, babez...

Fine, go and sit in corner and sulk and cry your hearts out than when you're done, think bout what i said ok...

*sigh* It's just that, every time, i end up doing so many things for so many people but in return, i get nothing. or even if i do get, it's only an iota compared to what i've given them...

Shouldn't you give without expecting any return?

Well, yeah. But at the same time, i aint a robot to just keep giving. As much as i hate expectations, but somehow, that silly mind of mind cant stop expecting.

So, dont give then. Simple as that.

Well, i have a problem. I cant say NO...

Someone call the 911. Im gonna faint, BIG TIME!!!

Who's being dramatic now eh?

Well, forgive me but hello, now i see why ppl think you're such a loser. Listen. It's not wrong to shower love and care but do not just go one flooding them with it. Stop, retreat and look at the situation occasionally... Sometimes, its best to retreat. People would learn to appreciate when they don't get something that easily.

Guess so. Well, i'll try that. I don't know how well i'll be at it but certainly, i'll try retreating... After all, it's sickening when someone tells u that that person likes you but also knows that you like that person way more than how much that person likes you.


Ahh nevermind. Was just thinking out loud....

So are we done now? Coz this gemini has some serious work to do now...

Yeah, guess so. Thanks for listening babez. You're the best..

Yeah yeah....

*the duo duels*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bye Bye CouCh, HeLLo BeD...

4 more days of couch time and then it's time to bid my darling, comfy brown couch, a heartfelt goodbye...

Oh yeah, hols are coming to an end, which means its an end to waking up late, gluing myself to the couch with my lappy till parents come back, n then running to shower just before gluing myself once again to the couch in front of the tv with my phone..


Such good, lazy times....

But its all coming to an end.. One month has passed so so quickly..

Stop being such a drama queen, one month takes 31 days to pass, so it aint quick..
But...but.... ahhh...

No more late nite tv...*hugs my tv tite tite* I'll miss ya baby..
No more lazing on the couch with my pj's...
N no more long long hours online..

WHAT??? Am i hearing it rite??? No more long time online?? YOU???

Hmm.. yeah yeah.. ME!!!

Now' that's a suprise!!! You're an addict, babez.. You cant function rite without the constant blipping sound of your IM...

*giggles*.. Stop being mean ya.. shoooo... Can't help it na.. I have one helluva semester coming up.. So guess, my virtual world has to take a back seat for the time being..

Looooool.. THis is gonna be so fun.. Can't wait to watch.... My bet is u cant last longer than a week...

Such low confidence on me eh..

*moves away from the mirror*

Anyway, thats it.. One month of fun time has come to an end.. But it wasnt fun all along.. Lots and lots of downs too... A true wheel... :P

*Sits back n buckles up for the trip down memory lane*

Lots of movies and gossiping with Myshini and lots of bizzare discovery along the way... *pets the Sherlock Holmes brains*
Non stop fiting with Arrwin...
Occasional scoldings from dad for being a lazy bum and not studying...
Shopping, shopping, shopping with mum...
More than enough of IRC...
Which brought along fresh personas, new misunderstandings and novel breakthroughs...
Christmas party and new year outing...

My results... Yippieeeee!!!
 And basically the rest of the days were with darling couchy... :P

*unbuckles n returns back to reality*

Well, guess that is the end of my one month..... Then its back to those

Tormenting Tombs, 
Lengthy Lectures, 
Boring Books, 
Torturous Tutorials and 
Exhausting Exams...
Most of all, long long nites, online and studying simultaneously, on my bed....

Till then, its aloha once again to my couch for the remaining 4 days of pure heaven... chiowzzz...

*chilling on couchy*

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


What's cooking till i'm screaming EuReKa??

I just fulfilled one of my new year resolutions and that is to find out what my name stands for.. YAY ME!!! 

Well, finally, and i mean after 22 years 6 months n 5 days, i've discovered the true meaning of my name..
Ok maybe not 100% true and accurate, but to a certain extent, it does give a clue to what SHAMINI means..
At least now, when someons asks me what my name stand for, i wouldnt give them the "ermm, sowie i dunno" look..


So here it is, courtesy of the INTERNET, shamini means....


Also,  there are so different ways to write my name..


Really different, weird ways :PPP

Here goes :-






*pets myself*
Well., that is one resolution down yet lots n lots more to go...


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Grotesque Week!!!


Reconciling with long lost cousin!!!

Henna spree!!!

Hair Cut!!!

Not talking for more than a week!!!

Bizarre dream!!!

How freaky can my week get…..

Well, lets see…It all started off with my sudden holiday, oh yeah, HOLIDAY!!!! 5 days in Penang.. oh la la...

But that means, 5 days of NO LATE NITE INTERNET!!! Hmmm… But then, it was worth it…

So yeah, 5 days n day 1 :- It was shopping shopping shopping with mum for cousin’s wedding… Who knew shopping for one saree could take that long.. Note to myself :- NEVER EVER follow mum to buy saree again…. All that’s needed is a 6m decorated cloth and the fuss one creates over it.. *sigh*

Anyway, after that mum started her whole :- y do u look so messy? The hair’s so unhealthy! Cut it and keep it healthy.. etc etc etc… But but, I love my long hair though.. sob sob…

Nevertheless, Wednesday was fun.. It was movie, gossiping n shopping with myshini before getting the BOMB!!! Oh yea, there was to be a retest scheduled for next Wednesday.. IT for Mgmt retest…

Apparently, some people cheated on it or what so eva… And who’s the victim??? MUA!!!! Total crap! I mean studying n dying over that freaking paper one time was bad enough, but to do it again??? Hell NO!!! And to add to it, I never took my books back home.. looool.. so, there goes my studying…

And the highlight of the day, I fought with mum… lol.. yaah, mum still thinks im her baby.. well, I don’t mind being pampered but hey, I do think im right sometimes, if not every time.. hehehe… So, whats the biggie.. But, somehow, I ended up giving in.. sigh yet again.. poor poor me….

I made history on Thursday!!! Oh yeah, I did… Now stop looking so surprised n close that jaw of yours, u ppl… coz I aint kidding.. I did make history.. After 5 years of waist long hair, I CUT it… Yeahhhhhhh I did… *tears* My poor poor long hair’s like 15cm shorter now…

And the reaction :-

Arrwin :- Long hair suits u Mika…

Mum :- You should have cut it shorter..

Dad :- No comments :p

Well, too bad.. I can’t please everyone, rite...

Anyway, its sayonara long hair.. some day we’ll meet again….

Friday was weird.. like really weird.. I remember waking up like in a HUH WHAT WAS THAT mood…. Such was the dream… Details kinda fuzzy now but it was something like I was in a mid of an exam, a one hour paper for Malaysian Lingo (I aint even taking that subject this sem) and somehow, I was talking to the examiner while other people were bz answering it.. All I can remember was like there was 10 minutes more and I still had an essay to write and I went all crazy, like DAMM… I was gonna flunk the paper coz Im never gonna finish an essay in 10 minutes aite.. it was such a frenzy and I started freaking out and stuff.. Anyway, woke up and was super duper glad that it was a dream…

Lol.. but somehow I guess I was the dream-monster’s favourite victim of the day.. Coz like 2 hours later, I dozed off on the couch and I had yet another dream bout exams.. this time it was English paper (yet another paper I aint taking this sem), and in the midst of the exam, I dozed off, waking up when there’s only 10 minutes more to go and I haven even started answering a thing. Surprisingly, Arrwin’s beside me and he had finished the paper so I grabbed his paper and started COPYING!!! Sighhhhhh… what crap… Woke up again, with that HUH look..

Nite, mum took me to aunty’s house to draw mehndi…First time in life, I drew for 8 hands non stop, for almost 4 hours.. My poor poor thumb… Was fun though… but still, ouchieeee.. painful!!!

Saturday was kinda bz though.. mum had this whole list of things to be done for cousin’s nalanggu and as usual, Mua was the victim of the day, going here and there to get things done… After the function at nite, again, it was mehndi time, this time it was for mum, arrwin and me… lol.. yeah, arrwin n his signature on his forearm.. weird but cant help it.. KIDDO!!! Looooooool….

Sunday was THE DAY!!! Morning was cousin’s wedding and nite was the reception… Was kinda tiring not to mention sleepy the entire day.. And to make matters worse, I had to sit in the same table with a cousin I fought 3 years back.. The same cousin I can’t even stand to look at.. so imagine that.. But somehow, as the nite went on, he said he’s sorry and etc and me being me, kinda forgave, yeah KINDA FORGAVE him… so yeah, was pretty bizarre after all…

But the weird thing this entire week was, NOT TALKING TO MY HERO!!! Oh yeah, I miss my hero… it’s like 10 days since I spoke to the HERO and I missssss him!!! Sob sob… Well, guess this is like a preview of how the future’s gonna be, when the hero finally goes away to save some other part of the world, but guess what, IT SUCKS!!! It sucks big time ya!!!

Now its back to my last week of this short sem..

Bye bye short sem, hello exams and holidays…

Phew.. that felt weird.. after so many posts of random stories and pseudonym filled tales, to finally write bout something I did from my vantage point feels awkward.. loooooool…

*grins* *giggles* *chiowz*

*Freaky Holidays*